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Innovator® SIP
SIP Voice Mail.

CommLink® Lite
Asterisk Freeware.

Innovator® Legacy
Legacy Voice Mail.

Innovator® SIP

Private Download Site

Downloads are available for End Users who are running CommLink® and Outlook, Innovator® SIP Administrators who manage the IP-PBX and Voice Mail, and System Builders who build Innovator Systems.

For End Users

Download and install for Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007 on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. Each installation works with one Innovator® SIP voicemail account to manage voice messages and perform Screen Pops and Call Control.

  • Remove any previous copies of any CommLink® products installed on the machine.
  • Install only one CommLink® product per machine.
  • Do not install or run other CommLink® products on same machine.
  • Must be installed by a user with local administrative privileges.
  • Do not run Outlook during installation.
  • If running security software that monitors Outlook then it may need to be added to the exception list.
  • For multi-user systems and/or domain controllers installation, uninstallation and updates must be performed by a user with local administrative privileges.

For Innovator® SIP Administrators

Hardware Requirements:
  • Find Certified Hardware at
    (Look for RHEL4.8 or lower in description for compatible hardware)
    • select vendor as your choice
    • select version RHEL v.4
    • select category as your choice
    • select platform as i386
  • Requires Intel CPU with minimum 2 cores/cpus for Linux SMP kernel.
  • Recommend minimum 2 GHz CPU clock speed with at least 1 MB cache.
  • Minimum 1 GB Memory and at least 40 GB hard disk.

Installation Instructions:
  • Follow instructions in Innovator SIP Admin Guide found below or under Documents.
  • VPN access to Innovator SVR server required for 1CTI support and maintenance.
  • During installation at Server Configuration Wizard on initial startup choose "Server Only" mode and Off for DHCP service.
  • To obtain a license get the Product Key from the Innovator WebUI under Advanced Params tab and the Upload License item. You can click on the Product Key to automatically open an email or you can copy + paste the Product Key into an email (see screenshot).

For Innovator® SIP System Builders