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Innovator® SIP
SIP Voice Mail.

CommLink® Lite
Asterisk Freeware.

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Legacy Voice Mail.

CommLink® Lite for Asterisk


Downloads are available for End Users who are running Outlook and Asterisk System Administrators who manage the Asterisk IP-PBX and voice mail.

For End Users

Download and install for Outlook 2000/2002/2003/2007 on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista . Each installation works with one Asterisk voicemail account to manage voice messages and perform Screen Pops and Call Control.

  • Remove any previous copies of any CommLink® products installed on the machine.
  • Install only one CommLink® product per machine.
  • Do not install or run other CommLink® products on same machine.
  • Must be installed by a user with local administrative privileges.
  • Do not run Outlook during installation.
  • If running security software that monitors Outlook then it may need to be added to the exception list.
  • For multi-user systems and/or domain controllers installation, uninstallation and updates must be performed by a user with local administrative privileges.

For Asterisk System Administrators

Download and deploy Server Package on a Linux based OS running Asterisk 1.2.x - 1.4.x and Apache with PHP 4.x - 5.x. This package includes PHP scripts for Asterisk voicemail which communicates with all CommLink® Lite installations. This is a one-time install per Asterisk voicemail system.

To open the package use “tar -xzf ” then follow the instructions in README.TXT.

* CommLink Lite is now Freeware. Please ignore sections regarding Zend Optimizer and requesting licenses.