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Asterisk Freeware.

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CommLink® Lite for Asterisk


Tutorials are available for End Users who are running Outlook and Asterisk System Administrators who manage the Asterisk IP-PBX and voice mail.

For End Users
Feature Overview

Presentation outlining key features of CommLink® Lite for Asterisk.


Step by step instructions on CommLink® Lite installation in Microsoft Outlook.

Initial Setup

Details for initial setup CommLink® Lite for Asterisk in Outlook.


Instructions on how to customize and configure CommLink Lite® for Asterisk in Outlook.

Message Management

Procedures for viewing and managing Asterisk voice messages in Microsoft Outlook.

Screen Pops

Screen pop options and demonstration of an incoming call to an extension.

Call Manager

Demonstration of outdialling, MSN integration, show contact information, and call logs.


Instructions on using the outdial features in Call Manager and Outlook's Contacts.


Step by step instructions on updating CommLink® Lite in Microsoft Outlook.


Overview of features in CommLink® Lite Standalone version for Non-Outlook Users.

For Asterisk System Administrators


Server Side Setup Tutorials
Step by step instructions on installing and configuring CommLink® Lite on Asterisk server.

* CommLink Lite is now Freeware. Please ignore sections regarding Zend Optimizer and requesting licenses.