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CommLink® Lite for Asterisk


CommLink® Lite for Asterisk is a Freeware Outlook Add-in that is loaded with easy to use features and operations to make your communication’s management a snap. Manage your voicemail messages, mailbox settings, incoming calls and outdial contacts from Outlook. The CommLink® Lite and Outlook integration synchronizes directly with Asterisk voicemail server and allows for simple and quick voicemail review and management.

Message Management
  • Synchronize voice messages between Asterisk and Outlook.
  • View caller id and date/time received.
  • Listen to voice messages with integrated audio player.
  • Save, Delete and Forward voice messages from Outlook.
  • Reply, forward or create email with voice recording.
  • Archive voice messages from Outlook on your PC.
Screen Pops and Call Control
  • Call Manager screen pop displays incoming calls to extension with Caller ID.
  • Ignore call and send caller to voicemail.
  • Accept call to hands-free speaker mode.
  • Show by phone number or add a new Outlook Contact.
  • Redirect caller to Speed Dial/Transfer List or select a Favorite.
  • Outdial from Outlook Contacts or Call Manager.
  • MSN Contacts integration displays status of your Outlook contacts.
  • Keeps track of incoming calls to your extension.
  • Reply to Missed Calls in Call Manager.
  • Call logging to see a incoming call list with option to show/add contact or outdial.
Voicemail Properties
  • Manage voicemail settings directly from Outlook.
  • Edit Display Name, Password, Email and Pager notification.
  • Option Play envelope (date/time) before playing messages.
  • Set Review message before committing it to a mailbox.
  • Enable Announce internal calls as “call from extension …”.
  • Option Read back caller’s telephone number prior to playing message.
  • Specify Minimal Duration before saying duration information.
Preferences and Options
  • Network Configuration setup mailbox and extension information.
  • Speed Dial/Transfer to setup numbers for call routing and outdialing.
  • Options set what audio announcement for new voice messages.
  • Choice of screen pop of Call Manager or Toast styles.
  • Update to latest revisions.
  • Shortcut to Step-by-step tutorial in PowerPoint.
  • Version information of client and server.