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1CTI introduces powerful unified communications for the small and mid-size enterprise. Manage Calls, Messages and your Mailbox from the PC.

CommLink® Unified Messaging provides a single portal access to your voice, text and email messages. Messages are stored locally on the voice server, and synchronizes with Outlook when accessing your mailbox from a PC. Take away your laptop with messages stored in your Outlook so that you can respond at your convenience.

Exchange server not required! (But we do interface with MS Exchange, too!)

Bring Innovator® Voice Processing functionality to your desktop and easily manage your incoming calls, messages and your mailbox with CommLink’s® intuitive graphical user interface. CommLink® works as a stand-alone inbox and/or as an add-in tool to your Microsoft Outlook for true unified communications!

CommLink® is loaded with easy to use features and operations to make your communication’s management a snap. Point-and-click to handle your calls, your messages, and your mailbox setup. Forward voice messages as an email attachment. The handy built-in tutorial gets you on your way in about 20 minutes.

Microsoft® Outlook® Integration

CommLink® can integrate with your MS Outlook 2000 or 2002 to bring together your voice and email messages into a single and efficient Inbox. Setup is simple! CommLink® adds its own tool bar with friendly icons to the Outlook screen. Play your voice mail by double clicking the message. Saved messages are stored in an assigned folder and scrubbed voice messages are sent to your Delete folder. CommLink® keeps voice messages synchronized with the Innovator®.


Call Manager

The CommLink® Call Manager screen pop displays incoming calls on your desktop. By the click of a mouse you make the choice whether to accept the call, record the call, send the caller to your voice mail or in a queue. You can also play the caller a selected pre-recorded greeting or transfer the call to another extension. The Call Manager keeps track of all incoming calls to your extension over the past two days- even callers that did not leave a voice message. If the phone system permits and caller ID is obtained, you can press the Reply button to outdial to the captured phone number. The Call Manager’s “Add to Contacts” button integrates with your Outlook’s address book for on the fly contact management.


Mailbox Scheduler

Schedule your voice mailbox to reflect your busy agenda. The CommLink® Scheduler’s graphical interface tool makes it easy to schedule your personal greetings by day of week and time of day. And when your job calls you away from the office, use the CommLink® Scheduler to set your greeting that alerts callers of your absence. At the same time you can schedule the message notification and the message forwarding features to give your callers a genuinely professional experience.


Mailbox Manager

CommLink® is designed so that you get the most out of one of your most critical business tools- your business communications! The Graphical User Interface takes the guesswork out of applying mailbox features. Create voice mail distribution lists, set up call forwarding to your cell phone, set up your mailbox to notify you when you receive a new messag…all from CommLink’s® easy to use desktop application.

Affordable Unified Communications

CommLink® is designed so that even the smallest office can benefit with unified communications’ efficiencies. While many unified communications solutions require additional server hardware, CommLink® works on most existing networks, including 98, NT and 2000. CommLink® also works with or without a Microsoft Exchange Server.