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Innovator® SIP
SIP Voice Mail.

CommLink® Lite
Asterisk Freeware.

Innovator® Legacy
Legacy Voice Mail.

Innovator® Legacy


Innovator® Legacy Complete Product Features Booklet

To learn more, view our complete product features booklet including information on the Auto Attendant Features, System Attributes, Supervisor Features, and Voice Mail Features.

Innovator® Legacy Family Sales Sheets

The Innovator® Legacy family includes the economical LX Lite and LX Lite CTI, which are LINUX technology-based business communications solutions, as well as the 2000 & 2000 CTI which incorporates Microsoft® Windows 2000 professional technology into a cost effective business communications package

Innovator® LX Series Sales Sheets

Add the power-punch of Linux technology to your most vital business tool- your business communications! Features web-based and LAN based graphical administration, remote access, high speed call and message processing, and robust system performance. The LX Series offers optional CommLink Unified Communications application.

Innovator® LX Lite Sales Sheets

Innovator® LX Lite is designed for the budget minded smaller office. Available in 2 & 4 port configurations, the LX Lite handles 25 and 50 mailboxes respective to port size and offers over 500 hours of message storage.

Innovator 2000 Series Sales Sheets

Windows 2000 Professional technology voice processing at a very attractive price. Graphical user interface, web based administration, remote access, and robust voice processing. Add the CommLink Unified Communications for efficient business communications management.

Innovator® Enterprise Series Sales Sheets

Industrial grade system platform for the most demanding voice and call processing applications. System provides same feature set as the LX or 2000 series, but adds heavy duty, passive backplane computing with RAID 5 option. Enterprise handles up to 48 ports.

CommLink® Unified Communications

CommLink® brings the Innovator Voice Processing functionality to your desktop for easy message and mailbox management. CommLink® is designed with intuitive operation to increase your productivity.