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Innovator® SIP
SIP Voice Mail.

CommLink® Lite
Asterisk Freeware.

Innovator® Legacy
Legacy Voice Mail.


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Innovator® SIP for IP-PBX
Innovator® SIP for IP-PBX is a comprehensive auto attendant and voice mail system. It provides a feature rich, user-friendly, robust voice and call processing functionality to effectively handle incoming callers and subscribers’ messages.

CommLink® Lite for Asterisk
CommLink® Lite for Asterisk is a Freeware Outlook Add-in that is loaded with easy to use features and operations to make your communication’s management a snap. Manage your voicemail messages, mailbox settings, incoming calls and outdial contacts from Outlook.

Innovator® Legacy for PBX
Innovator® Legacy brings the world of Windows and Linux to Voice Processing and Computer Telephony Integration. Innovator systems offer 3rd party, in-band, SMDI, DTMF and digital emulation integration options. Works with most major phone systems.