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CommLink® harnesses the power of your desktop telephone to the PC in an easy to use, intuitive user interface that makes voice communication and your time spent communicating more efficient.

Operating within the Microsoft® Outlook® application, CommLink is able to bring all of your existing resources such as contact listing, scheduling and telephone setup into a single, embedded task bar that resides right within the Outlook application.

Screen Pops and Call Control
  • Call Manager screen pop displays incoming calls to extension with Caller ID.
  • Accept call to your extension.
  • Listen voicemail as it is being recorded and pull back call to your extension.
  • Show by phone number or add a new Outlook Contact.
  • Hear Name during pop or again in Call List.
  • Send caller to VM and select greeting of your choice.
  • Redirect caller to Extension List or select a Favorite.
  • Outdial from Outlook Contacts or Call Manager.
  • MSN Contacts integration displays status of your Outlook contacts.
  • Keeps track of incoming calls to your extension.
  • Reply to Missed Calls in Call Manager.
  • Call logging to see a incoming call list with option to show/add contact or outdial.
  • Schedule greetings, message forwarding, notification, call forwarding and email forwarding by date + time, date only, weekdays, daily, monthly or yearly.
  • Manage up to 7 Immediate Greetings with 2 parts.
  • Manage up to 7 Direct to VM Greetings with 2 parts.
  • Set Message Forwarding to another mailbox or distribution list with CC option.
  • Specify Message Notification with 4 Cascading Slots.
  • Optional Email Forwarding up to 4 email addresses.
Mailbox Configuration
  • Create and Manage Distribution Lists.
  • Setup Single Digit Branching Options.
  • Specify AudioPath to listen/record greeting and messages over Phone or through PC mic+speakers.
  • Listen/Record your Spoke Name
  • Change Password or Login to another Mailbox
  • Enable settings LIFO/FIFO message order, Call Screening, Message Totals, and Sender Confirmation.
Message Management

Message Management feature is available without need for Microsoft Exchange 2007 Integration. This allows direct access to voice messages in Innovator® SIP from Outlook. CommLink® built-in Message Synchronization is not required when Exchange 2007 integration is activated.

  • Synchronize voice messages between Innovator® SIP and Outlook.
  • View caller id and date/time received.
  • Listen to voice messages with integrated audio player.
  • Save, Delete and Forward voice messages from Outlook.
  • Reply, forward or create email with voice recording.
  • Archive voice messages from Outlook on your PC.
Preferences and Options
  • Network Configuration setup location of Innovator® SIP and enter mailbox information.
  • Options set what audio announcement for new voice messages.
  • Choice of screen pop of Call Manager or Toast styles.
  • Manage MSN Presence information.
  • Update to latest revisions.
  • Shortcut to Step-by-step tutorial in PowerPoint.
  • Version information of client and server.