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Innovator® SIP
SIP Voice Mail.

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Asterisk Freeware.

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Legacy Voice Mail.

Innovator® SIP


Innovator® SIP for IP-PBX is a comprehensive auto attendant and voice mail system. It provides a feature rich, user-friendly, robust voice and call processing functionality to effectively handle incoming callers and subscribers’ messages.

Innovator® SIP is a LINUX based voice and unified messaging platform. Based on many industry firsts, including the first ever Linux based voice mail platform, Innovator® SIP a leading unified voice messaging platform for businesses of all sizes, including configurations supporting up to two thousand users.

Voice Mail
Key features include:
  • Automatic Receipts
  • Bookmark Message
  • Single Digit Branching
  • Carbon Copy
  • Class of Service
  • Distribution Lists
  • External Notification
  • First Time Tutorial
  • E-mail Forwarding
  • LIFO/FIFO Retrieval
  • Message Copy
  • Message Forward
  • Message Notification
  • Message Reply
  • Playback Control
  • Private Messages
  • Recycle Bin
  • Send Message
  • Scheduled Message
  • Urgent Messages
Auto Attendant
Key features include:
  • AudioTex
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID Routing
  • DNIS Routing
  • Dial by Name
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Drop to Live Operator
  • Holiday Schedule
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • “0” for Operator
  • One-touch Dialing
  • Return to Main Greeting
  • Schedule Greeting
  • Trunk Routing
Microsoft Exchange 2007 Integration

1CTI is very pleased to announce full unified messaging (UM) with Microsoft’s Exchange Server 2007. Integration with Exchange allows an end-user to be completely synchronized with their Outlook e-mail Inbox, as well as other hardware and software adjuncts such as Outlook Anywhere (web edition), Windows Mobile devices, Blackberry devices with or without Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), and a mixture of other devices and software.

  • Online system administration while system is handling calls
  • Graphical user interface for familiar windows point-and-click navigation
  • Remote diagnostics access for trouble shooting and/or administration
  • Nightly automatic data file download to USB devices, network shares/drives or FTP
SIP based IP-PBX Manufacturers

The Innovator® SIP server is completely SIP based and offers an array of integrations with leading IP PBX manufacturers such as Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Samsung, Panasonic and the open source Digium’s Asterisk.

Package Options

Software Only

When purchasing the software only option, customers may select from a listing of popular server platforms – including Dell, HP and IBM. In addition, when purchasing the software only solution, VARs can download and install the Innovator® SIP the same day and need not wait for hardware to arrive from the 1CTI manufacturing facility.

Turnkey Solution

Turnkey Solution ships with the required hardware and software. This makes the configuration and installation steps quicker and more efficient, however does not give the customer the option to select a hardware platform that matches their existing infrastructure.